I don’t like videogames anymore… Or do I..?

The past few months I noticed I lost interest in most videogames, I barely played except for few games.

I thought I completly lost interest in videogames, it kinda saddened me to be honest. Then I started browsing a gaming community website (which will remain unnamed). As I saw people talking about games I felt like trying them and what do I know? I found out I simply kinda sorta changed my taste in games.

Before I used to like a lot videogames with a well made story, I now enjoy games where you straight up play, no “bullshit”.

With that I’m not implying that videogames with a lot of story are bad videogames (except FFX, I strongly believe that title is a horrible one and I never played a FF game after that one).

I’ve been playing roguelike games and other things, games with a lot of things to do where you spend most of the time playing rather than following a story or watching cutscenes… I still can enjoy those, infact I do, just not quite as much, in smaller doses, much smaller.

I decided to make a post about this because maybe there’s people in this situation out there thinking “well, fuck, it happened, I grew out of videogames, time to do grown up stuff now”, but no, grown ups can play videogames too, they (we? Am I a grown up now?) play videogames too if it’s something we enjoy (yeah, I guess I am, sigh…).

Before giving up completly on a passion that kept you going for such a long time consider trying new things, different games that didn’t seem as interesting before, experiment.

I have a friend who is almost exactly 10 years older than I am, he has a wife and two daughters and still enjoy playing tabletop RPGs and videogames when he can, one day we were playing via skype, one of his daughter approached him and I heard him saying “Not now XXX, dad is playing!” which made everyone laugh.


Risk of Rain

Also, come on, don’t be a puny elf, install dwarf fortress.


Banning games from stores shouldn’t be a decision made by angry petitionists

Before I start my actual post I wanted to say that I’ve been very busy lately and because of that I couldn’t even think about a post. We are preparing an event at the dojo that is going to happen later today. I do have ideas for future posts now though, I wanna say my impressions on ORAS now that I’ve beaten the game, I wanna talk about how I’ve found myself prefering games that let you play right away rather than following a huge storyline and my first kumite experience. This said let’s talk about this ridicolous atrocity in gaming industry.

“I don’t like it so no one should enjoy it”. I fucking hate GTA, I liked playing with GTA when I was a teenager but I just don’t find it funny anymore, it’s just a type of entertainment that I don’t enjoy anymore. I could say “it’s the same shit that was years ago” but then again, who’s playing oras? I play games that are the same as years ago myself so I really can’t say anything about that, I just don’t find the game funny anymore, it got old for me. When target banned it from the stores because when people signed a petition against it I signed all the petition I could to help my fellow gamers who are interested in the title.

Petition to get it back in the store. Petition to ban the name and logo of target because it’s violent (this was a particularly funny one, kudos). Petition to ban whatever the number shades of grey (I mean, can you even consider it a book?). Petition to ban the bible (even more violent than GTA).

I don’t ACTUALLY want them to ban the books and change the name and so on, I don’t care, it’s just to prove a point.

Another game was removed from a store, an online one, steam, the game is HATRED, then it was put back on. Basically this is how it went: The game went on greenlight and received an amazing voting despite all the hate (heh, ironic) it received, it was the 7th most popular game on it with over hundred(s?) games there. Suddenly the game disappeared and a lot of people were pissed. Some people were happy too. After one or two days Gaben sent a mail to the devs to tell them he just found out about the situation and made the game go back on greenlight because the reasons it was removed weren’t good. The devs still don’t know why it was removed in the first place.

I’m just gonna leave this link here.

I compare this to burning books. They don’t like it, they think it might be dangerous to the perfect society they want so they remove it, preventing people from enjoying it. If you don’t like something then don’t take it, no one is shoving it down your throat. You don’t want your kids to play it (or read it)? Control what they do. I see a lot of kids playing games they shouldn’t play AT ALL, or watching shows they shouldn’t. THAT is what we should fight, not the game itself. What’s the next step? Shutting down dildo factories because a kid might accidentally use one just because you are a horrible parent who can’t control what your kid is doing?

Or, you find the game offensive in some way? Don’t fucking play it, it’s fuction, it’s not meant to be offensive and even if it is we have freedom of speech, this include what we do with our work. If something is that terrible no one will buy it, if it’s so well received there must be a reason, right?

I took the informations about hatred here:

First article.

Second article.

That website is, at the moment, my only source of informations about videogames. Why? So far it doesn’t seem to be corrupted like other shitty websites. I hope it stays clean, if it doesn’t I’ll just abandon ship, but for now it’s good so I suggest to check it out and use it.

Here’s a direct link to the homepage for the lazy.

The following video might be strong for some people.

On a side note:

He’s shoving everything in the same side of the jacket

What in the hell?

ORAS, first impression

I’ll start by saying this: Third gen is my least favorite gen.

Actually, I didn’t like gen 3 at all, I forced myself to play it.

I didn’t like the look of it, I didn’t like the choice of mon (while there are a bunch of cool mons I find it very hard to make a functional team of mons I like), I didn’t like the areas…

Seriously, never liked gen 3.

Dat mudkip tho…

So whenever I used to read people online whining for a Hoenn remake I hoped we never, ever ended up getting one. Please, don’t give us a Hoenn remake, please no Hoenn remake. Are those guys stupid for asking a Hoenn remake? How could they like gen3, seriously? What? Hoenn remake confirmed? What the shit GF…

And I was nearly disappointed, my fanboyism (I admit it openly, I’m a bit of a pokémon fanboy despite my old age) was going to make me get that stupid remake regardless of me not going to like it. Then I started to think about things a bit.


The graphics are going to be different, it’s going to be tridimensional now, maybe not fully 3d but still… It’ll look way nicer. I’ll be able to make a team with pokémon from any gen without any difficulties because I have a living dex on X/Y and I can just trade. The playthrough is going to be easier so probably more enjoyable even if less challenging…

So I decided to approach ORAS with a WAY different mindset. It arrived in my mail and I started playing, the game started with that old GBA graphics which was nice, it made me smile. I went to pick my starter, a Mudkip, and I called it Capt. Wave, and then I started my adventure. I checked on serebii which mons I was going to be able to catch, I was disappointed to see that they didn’t mix up things a bit by adding more mons, I still hate with a passion the mons available in gen3/oras, seriously, I ain’t saying they didn’t add any cool mon in gen 3 but if you follow the playthrough and catch the mons available as you play it’s not easy, at least for me, to make a team with cool mons while still making it efficient and having different types. So that’s one aspect of it I’m still disliking a lot. But beside that… I’m actually liking it, it’s really nice. I love the radar, I don’t remember if it was there in gen3 but it’s pretty cool to hunt for the mons popping our of the grass. Sometimes they have egg moves too. The additions are quite enjoyable so far and I’m looking forward to beat the game to start it again and try some challenge like a mystery egg run or a nuzlocke.

Maybe I’ll make a new post about it when I beat it completly to talk about it in a more detailed way but for now I think it’s enough for a first impression post. I’m glad I was wrong about this remake and I hope GF will make remakes of all previous gens in 3d, it would be pretty cool. At least gen1 since it’s the only gen that at the moment doesn’t run on a 3ds console and, while I have pokémon blue and leaf green to play with, it would still be nice to have a remake for those who doesn’t.



Why isn’t this game more popular? It’s so good! (Fantasy Life)

Recently I’ve been to a comicon we have here in Italy called Lucca comics and games.

It was fun and from last year they added some stuff too. I went to buy a couple of things that guess what? I couldn’t find.

In the end I found this game a friend told me A LOT about, fantasy life, as suggested in the title.

I find it to be pretty cute and very fun to play. The idea is that you can play picking one (or more) jobs (called lives in the game, but I find it weird so we are just going to call them jobs or classes here), each one with different stats and things to do. You can also play as a mines, a cook, a tailor and other things not strictly fighting related, when I watched a video advertisement I thought jobs weren’t going to be fight related but, instead, you do fight in this game. Some people compare it to animal crossing with fighting, I can kinda see it but this game do have a story to follow,quests and you gain experience, lvl up and do other things you’d usualy find in rpg games, much easier though.

The fact that it’s not hard could be annoying for some players but to me, it just makes the game relaxing and it’s not a bad thing to play a relaxing, not challenging game every now and then.

Characters can pick many classes and progress in them all, the trading ones (like cooking, tailoring and so on) can be lvld up whenever, the fighting ones (paladin, mercenary, hunter and magician) has to be selected as main class to be leveled, to progress in a class you have to do a bunch of mini quests, they can be “kill X monsters of the Y type while using this specific spell” or “craft 3 items using X” or “gather this and that material”, depending by the job you are trying to lvl up.

You don’t only lvl up your jobs, you lvl up as a character too, every lvl gives points you can put in stats and those has to be picked carefully if you wish to have more than just one job.

It also has multiplayer, I was slightly disappointed by it to be honest. I was expecting going on quests with friends, being able to do the main storyline together, instead the main storyline is the only thing you can’t do.

In multiplayer you can progress with the classes quests and you can do little tasks requested by people you find around the world tho so that can be fun anyway. Also, in multiplayer the time is frozen so if you start it during the day it won’t turn into night.

All in all, a very cool game that deserve more popularity than what it has, I give it a 7 out of 10, it would be an 8.5 if you could do the main questline in coop.


Smashing around

I reaaaaaally wanted to write this the release date but, real life things, being tired because of them and the game itself being addictive… I just had no time to calmly sit down and write this post until now, I’m talking about smash bros 4 of course.

Boy, I’m having so much fun with it! I’ll be honest, with previous games I never had a chance to actually play pvp, not seriously, I played just once and with equally non experienced friends, beside that I only played single players, I played with Bowser because I like him, his play style really isn’t my thing, infact I now main greninja, but yesterday I tried Peach and had a lot of fun, so I wanna practice with her too… Anyway my very low experience is making it hard for me to enjoy the game completly when I play pvp, people I play with has so much more experience than I have and a specific person is so competitive too and take it seriously to the point of not being all that nice, I was asked to stop a second, so I dropped the 3ds to check something online and as I said we could play again I had no time to grab the 3ds and I was being attacked already, come on K… Next time I won’t wait I guess (I will because I don’t take winning that seriously, I don’t really care, I’m in just for the fun).

All that chuck of text about how little experience I have to say that I can’t tell if it’s more, less or equally balanced compared to the previous titles but it sure is fun, the graphics on the 3ds is… Smashing! And I can’t wait to see how it looks on the wii U because it it’s that nice on handheld then it must be gorgeous on a big screen. If you never played a fighting game the main difference with a “classic” fighting game and smash is that in smash you don’t try to lower you opponent’s life, every time you hit them you increase the % they have, the higher the % the further away your hits send them, your goal is to send them far away enough for them to be unable to get back on the fight area. Another difference is, most fighting games usually comes with a HUGE list of possible combos and moves, smash is fairly simple to learn, you won’t need to memorize a phonebook of moves but you still need to learn how to use the moves you have effectively, all of them.

Characters in smash 4 are also customizeable, which is new if I’m not mistaken, you can take a character and decrease a stat to increase another one. Also you can create new characters by giving them moves and stats, I didn’t get into that yet but it seems interesting. All in all, a very fun game, on twitch it’s already the second most watched game so it’s a game that’s also fun to watch, not only to play, and watching experienced players might be useful to learn cool things. That said, I strongly suggest to try it, if you have a 3ds you can download the demo for free and try some of the characters in only one of the game modes.


Excuse me while I put my tinfoil hat on…

Now, let me make this clear: when I talk about privacy on the web I have a friend who call me paranoid, I joke about it too, calling myself paranoid.

When I ask him if he knows of any other firefox addon for privacy or security I tell him stuff like “I need to feed my paranoia, know any addon for X?”

Today I kinda realized he actually don’t understand why I do this. In my computer I have nothing to hide (except my journal where I talk about those 5 girls I keep chained in the basement), I really don’t care if my browser is not safe. It doesn’t matter I don’t buy/sell drugs/weapons/slaves/endangered animals.

So why am I so Interested in keeping my privacy for myself? Well because it’s wrong not to, because if I don’t I’m giving up to my rights.

Most people doesn’t even realize  they’re tracked. Other people do, and they just shrug and say “I know how not to fall for the advertisement I get from being tracked and I know how to cover myself if I wanna protect my privacy” but that’s not really a nice thing to do, it’s like being in HS and be the big kid nobody fuck with, you often see bullies treat weak kids like shit and you do nothing because you can defend yourself anyway, not your problem.

Me, I see myself as a bigger kid who can defend himself and also tries to defend weak kids too. I hope that one day bullies will just stop to bother kids.

I was told “A one man protest isn’t going to solve anything”, which is true, I sure as hell hope I’m not the only one though and, even if I am, I’m planning to start a community about this, I wanna find other people interested about internet security who knows how to make browsing the web a safe thing to do, who are willing to teach that to people, who are passionate about my same reasons rather than just hiding their asses for some shady business and will spread the interest to other people because if we want our privacy back we need to show it, and to do so we need numbers.

Or maybe my friends are right and I’m just batshit crazy.


A little edit before actually submitting:

I saved this post as a draft to think about things a little, I decided I had nothing else to add and came back on WP to submit my new post and I noticed my tinfoil hat firefox addons going bananas about gravatar.

Gravatar is the avatar service used by our friend wordpress here to give us an avatar because they are too lazy to implement one themselves or because gravatar pay them for it of whatever. I was about to unblock gravatar, thinking my addons might be overzealous but I decided to do a little research on duckduckgo (because google is not really privacy friendly) and sure enough I found this little page that explained me well enough why gravatar was blocked by my addons, again, I have nothing to hide but that’s just plain wrong.

Hopefully taking the right turn on life

When I was a kid I had this dream that one day I would be a martial arts sensei, I often asked to do martial arts but my family thought it was stupid or something and never really let me.  Similariy when I told my dad I wanted to study computers he said it was a stupid idea because “today anyone can use a computer, you’ll never find a job studying that”, obviously jobs as programmers are pretty common when I look for jobs now and when he thought would’ve been a good idea never shows as a job opportunity.

When I turned 14 I got my first computer, not counting computers of relatives I got to play around with, and since then I started doing stuff, just anything, from the stupidest things like deleting important files which forced me to fix the computer all by myself because we rarely could afford someone to fix it for us.

This, obviously, ended up in me learning a bit of things about computers and now that’s my only source of money, fixing computers or, not as often, building new ones for people. This is not exactly where I wanted to go with this post but I think that despite how much I love my dad I’ll never forgive him for denying me my two favorite things in my life. I could be a programmer now, MAYBE. Maybe I could work on videogames or something but I can’t because “today anyone can use a computer, you’ll never find a job studying that”.

Again, this is not where I wanted to go with this post, but I just realized the topic fills me with anger.

Back to martial arts.

When I was in HS I still asked to do martial arts, the answer was the same, it’s stupid and when you’ll notice you have to actually work hard to it you’ll quit. At the same time I was proving that point wrong by running with my dad, which is the same person who said the words mentioned above. Note that running is something I always hated with a passion but it was the only thing I could do sport wise so… Meh. At the same time my dad proved to be a hypocrite by paying instrument classes just because HE liked the idea of me playing music. If a parent happen to read this junk I type I ask you a favor: DO NOT clip your son/daughter’s wings, if they have a passion encourage it, even if the passion itself doesn’t last long, even if it’s just a moment it won’t hurt. Don’t push them into doing something YOU like if they don’t give a damn about it. Doing something, even for just one year, is still a positive experience. If they do one year of, let’s say capoeira and then decide they don’t really love the thing… It’s not a wasted year, whatever they decide to try next they still have some damn well trined legs and a good start opposed to the other kids starting fresh.

When I turned 18 I dropped from school because

  1. I was studying something I didn’t love
  2. I had an alcohol addicted teacher and wasn’t learning shit
  3. I wanted to fucking work and be productive
  4. I was very stupid

I managed to find quite a few jobs anyway and started to earn my own money which I could use to pay my martial arts course, I was looking for a specific type of martial arts but couldn’t find a dojo close enough to my place that made me happy enough. At the same time my back-then-girlfriend used to do karate and suggested me to go with her and well, I did and fell in love with it. Even my dad had to admit he was surprised I didn’t drop (after saying “yeah I can’t stop you because it’s your money but you’ll quit soon”). Infact, he was so surprised he understood he was wrong all along and, when I remainded unemployed because of the crisis and my asthma that prevented me from finding other jobs similar to my previous in building yards he kept paying for it.

My father is not a bad person, sometimes he’s just close minded, he think he knows me while he actually really doesn’t (which caused several arguments and probably will cause more until one of us dies) and I don’t think he’s all that intelligent. But he’s my dad and I love him regardless of hi flaws as much as he loves me despite my many flaws. I’m saying this because this specific post might look like a hate post toward my dad to someone who doesn’t know us. Infact he pretty much saved me from a bad situation when I asked him, even tho, goddamnit dad, you should’ve realized I was in a pool of shit before 13 years old me told you so!

Back to the point, I tend to go off topic a lot today, sorry.

After years of karate with my sensei I finally managed to prove myself as a trustworthy individual, I think my sensei respect me a lot, he invited me in his own house for dinner too which is a very important thing, he doesn’t invite just anybody.

We’ve been talking about a thing for a bit now and yesterday we actually did it too. I went to the kids course to help him check on the kids, checking the didn’t do anything bad, they didn’t get hurt… Not replacing his figure of course, not even close, I don’t want people reading this thinking he’d do that. But he wants me to become a teacher myself one day, which is perfect because that’s my dream from when I was a kid as i said previously in this post.

The kids were awesome and adorable and cute and oh my god. One was just walking around all alone before the lesson started, I walked to her, this was very hard for me because I’m socially awkward, hopefully this whole thing will help me with that, anyway I walk to her and say “Hi, what’s your name?” “I’m Sofia.” and I already didn’t know what to do there, my OCPD require the other person to ask me back what my name is before I can do it, but I forced myself to say something because this poor kid was probably more scared than I was “My name is Erik.” she smiled kind of in a shy way and said “Hi Erik.” and I said “Hi Sofia.” with a wide smile, which came out naturally surprisingly, she smiled back and went away skipping, she seemed happy and less stressed I guess. That alone was quite an experience, lasted few seconds but I can’t believe how much kids can teach us. This is also one of the very few moments I remembered a name, it’s very rare.

So I’m on the right way to realize my childhood dream to teach martial arts one day and I’m on the right way to turn my love for computers into a full time job, already kinda doing it, I just need more clients (and advertisement), when I get more clients I’ll rent a place but I’m probably gonna have to wait for the crisis to end for that. Hoping some asshole government don’t start WWIII meanwhile I mean.

I was thinking this yesterday and realized that for the first time in forever I feel like I have a chance to be happy. It’ll take time but I can do it, if things don’t go terribly wrong I can be happy.

A present from my sensei. This is a japanese "talisman" that should keeps snakes away. Perfect gift for a herpetophobe like me.

A present from my sensei.
This is a japanese “talisman” that should keep snakes away. Perfect gift for a herpetophobe like me.